Mamba bundles with two formatters.

Progress Formatter

This is the default formatter. It displays a point for every example executed:

  • Green point: It means that example has passed
  • Yellow point: It means that example has been skipped
  • Red point: It means that example has failed

Documentation Formatter

This is an extra formatter that allows you to read in a tree way. It uses same color scheme than previous formatter.

Is useful when you have a few tests and want to check that examples are written in human language.

For enabling it:

$ pipenv run mamba --format=documentation

Custom Formatters

Mamba supports third party formatters. Imagine there is a new IDE or some specific needs for your Continuous Integration tool, so:

$ pipenv run mamba --format=wondertech.MyCustomFormatter

And mamba tries to instantiate the wondertech.MyCustomFormatter class. But there are 2 conditions that should be met:

  • A settings object is passed to object constuctor
  • Inherit from mamba.formatter.Formatter for overriding methods